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Learning To Enjoy the Performing Arts

I was raised on a farm, so I didn't have the luxury of being exposed to the arts at an early age. To us, checking out our neighbor's new tractor was just about as much enjoyment as we could muster on a day to day basis. Fortunately, by the time I got to college, I was exposed to all different kinds of performing arts, and I fell in love. I joined a ballroom dance team, and it really gave me the opportunity to use my talents to make other people happy. My blog is dedicated to teaching other people the basics of the performing arts.



Learning To Enjoy the Performing Arts

5 Ways Hot Yoga Will Benefit Your Next Dance Class

As a dancer, you likely look forward to new ways to challenge your body. So many dancers start with yoga as a way to expand the horizons of the body. Did you know that you can kick it up a notch with some heat? Hot yoga kicks up the room's temperature higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to make you sweat, but there are actually quite a few benefits to this form of yoga that will carry over to your next dance class:

4 Tips For Improving Your Voice Over Skills

Voice over training is about more than grabbing a mic and talking into it. If you're trying to break into the voice over industry, you need to make sure your speaking skills are on point. Check out these tips to learn how to improve your speaking skills before taking on any voice over work. Concentrate on Clarity The most important thing a voice over artist can do is train themselves to speak clearly — and you need to be able to speak clearly at different speed levels.

Top 6 After-School Activities To Get Your Kids Moving

Fall is coming and that means it's almost time for school to start again. The hours your children spend sitting in class and studying contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle. It's a good idea to enroll your children in activities that involve exercise. Here are the top after-school activities to get your kids moving: 1. Ballet Ballet is a great after-school activity to get young girls moving. Ballet requires coordination, discipline, and muscle strength.