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Learning To Enjoy the Performing Arts

5 Ways Hot Yoga Will Benefit Your Next Dance Class

by Salvador Gallardo

As a dancer, you likely look forward to new ways to challenge your body. So many dancers start with yoga as a way to expand the horizons of the body. Did you know that you can kick it up a notch with some heat? Hot yoga kicks up the room's temperature higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to make you sweat, but there are actually quite a few benefits to this form of yoga that will carry over to your next dance class:

Hot Yoga Reduces Stress Levels

Are you high on stress in class? Do you find it hard to let go on the dance floor? Yoga itself promotes relaxation, but hot yoga can encourage your mind to focus. The heat can make even the simplest poses more challenging, taking the focus away from your fears and worries. You may see this new feeling of exhilaration over to the dance floor.

Hot Yoga Builds Strength

If you love a workout where you can physically feel yourself becoming stronger through difficult poses, you are going to love the effects of hot yoga on your dancing. With the addition of heat, your body's endurance improves at the same time.This carries over to dance class, allowing you to hold poses longer and even lift up higher than you might otherwise be able to.

Hot Yoga Improves Flexibility

If you have ever wanted to become more flexible to perform more extravagant dance moves, hot yoga is a great way to do it. Your muscles are warm and the blood is circulating, allowing for your stretches to be deep and powerful. This also helps to prevent your muscles from becoming sore, but it also allows you to bring this flexibility to other dance moves.

Hot Yoga Refreshes Your Skin

If you have a dance recital or performance coming up, you want to look great on the stage. The steam of the yoga studio acts much like a sauna you might find at a resort. Saunas work because the steam opens up your pores, cleaning them out. Just make sure to wash up after your steamy yoga session to prevent sweat from building up on your face.

Hot Yoga Provides a Challenge

Hot yoga is not a simple workout, and neither is dance. If you want something just as challenging as dance on your "off" days, this is a good choice.

Hot yoga can be a great addition to your usual dance workout routine. When you find yourself looking for something to compliment your current setup, you'll love a new yoga workout. Check out a website like http://www.ibjazz.com for more information and assistance.