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I was raised on a farm, so I didn't have the luxury of being exposed to the arts at an early age. To us, checking out our neighbor's new tractor was just about as much enjoyment as we could muster on a day to day basis. Fortunately, by the time I got to college, I was exposed to all different kinds of performing arts, and I fell in love. I joined a ballroom dance team, and it really gave me the opportunity to use my talents to make other people happy. My blog is dedicated to teaching other people the basics of the performing arts.



Learning To Enjoy the Performing Arts

Top 6 After-School Activities To Get Your Kids Moving

by Salvador Gallardo

Fall is coming and that means it's almost time for school to start again. The hours your children spend sitting in class and studying contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle. It's a good idea to enroll your children in activities that involve exercise. Here are the top after-school activities to get your kids moving:

1. Ballet

Ballet is a great after-school activity to get young girls moving. Ballet requires coordination, discipline, and muscle strength. Your child will get plenty of exercise by practicing and mastering each position, dance, and routine. Ballet also helps your child with other physical activities since your child will become more flexible and have more stamina.

2. Hip Hop

Hip hop dance classes provide your child with vigorous exercise in a fun, exciting environment. Your child will enjoy the modern music and dance techniques. Hip hop dance is sure to get your kid sweating. This type of dance teaches your child to think and react quickly and will significantly improve their coordination, especially as he or she learns complicated routines.

3. Martial Arts

Has your child ever mimicked the moves they see in action movies? A martial arts class could be the perfect activity for your child. Martial arts not only provides an outlet for all the pent up energy, but it improves concentration and self-control. Your child must learn to listen to his or her instructor in order to master martial arts.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a sport that exercises the entire body. Swimming is also low impact and great for the joints, which is helpful for any kid in the middle of a growth spurt. This sport gets the blood pumping due to aerobic activity. Younger children in preschool will benefit from swimming lessons. As your child grows and gets more experience they can compete, which will build self-esteem and discipline. Swimming is also a year round sport which encourages children to stick with it.

5. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is diverse, and offers many types of exercise for your child to become more coordinated and balanced. Gymnastics is an activity that is fun for children as they learn the basics of tumbling and jumping. Your child will move to advanced techniques as their skill, flexibility, and strength increase. According to the CDC, gymnastics is a bone and muscle strengthening activity. Gymnastics keeps your child strong and healthy as they grow into their adolescent years.

6. Yoga

Yoga is an activity that your entire family can get involved in. Taking a family yoga class encourages everyone to get fit, active, and sets a good example for your children. Yoga teaches your child how to relax while they increase their strength and range of motion. Your child will also improve their posture, learn how to control their breathing, and decrease stress.

These six activities will get your children off the couch and exercising.